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Our History

Located in Diego Portales street # 2203, Olmué V region, Hostería El Copihue was founded in September 1956 by Don Federico Kubierschky T, and his wife Hedwing Heitkamp W. with a small dining room that only had 8 tables, 8 rooms for accommodated and one small pool.

In 1958 Don Federico dies, continuing his lady alone, for a space of eleven years. In 1969 he joined his son Pedro Kubierschky Hedwing and his wife, Gloria Mafud H. who with his health broken by the great effort made, withdrew from the activity in 1970, but not before having built a new pavilion of housed, expanded the dining room and rebuilt the main house, after the 1965 earthquake. Pedro and Gloria can acquire the adjoining properties, which allows them to build two suites pavilions, make new additions to the dining room, build a model kitchen, a beautiful pool, cozy gardens with playgrounds, conference rooms and much more.

In 1991 the third generation was incorporated, with Alejandro Kubierschky M. And later his wife Paulina Cornejo S., In 1996 Paola Kubierschky and her husband Esteban Vidal C also joined, continuing with the tradition initiated by their grandparents. Currently she is also, Carolina Kubierschky.



Olmué is located at the foot of La Campana National Park, just 45 km from Viña del Mar and 90 km from Santiago, through the La Cuesta La Dormida Route. The country setting of the Olmué Valley makes it a popular destination throughout the year. The unparalleled properties of its air, make it especially suitable for people suffering from respiratory diseases, both adults and children. The oxygenation produced by the forests of the National Park La Campana, manage to relax immediately all visitors, thus achieving a pleasant and restful rest. Olmué has attractive places for the recreation of its visitors, such as: La Campana National Park, La Poza El Coipo, in the sector of Cajón Grande, La Dormida Church, declared a National Monument and the Chapel of the Child God of Las Palmas , with his miraculous image of the Child Jesus. Aerodrome of Gliders, where you can request a demonstration flight and The Museum of Aeromodelling. And just steps away from the Hosteria, El Patagual Park, where the Huaso Festival takes place every year.



  • Diego Portales 2203, Olmué, V Región.
  • +56 33 244 1544 o +56 33 244 1968
  • +56 9 3195 0830

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